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Hi guys,

I know I haven’t updated in a while, but I’m currently in the middle of studying for final exams. I saw this article and thought it was quite interesting.

I can’t say I agree with the first question to ask, it is a little bold and as someone who wants to get into recruitment, I would probably freeze at the question. However, the rest of it are good questions to ask when your interviewer asks if you have any questions.

Always, always ask a question at the end of an interview!

Congrats to Barack Obama!

Election: a process in which a population makes a decision on which individual will hold a position or political office

Vote: express a choice or opinion in an election

Did you follow the election?

Happy Halloween!! Did you celebrate Halloween? What were dressed up as?

Okay, so I’m not sure if anyone reading celebrates Halloween or not. In case you don’t know a thing about it, here’s a post to educate you!

For little kids, Halloween is a holiday where you get to dress up in a cool or cute costume, then you gather with your friends from school, go door-to-door, yell “TRICK OR TREAT!” and get free candy. It is really wonderful. I miss those days!

For teenagers and adults, it is an entirely different thing. This is completely a generalization so I’m not saying every girl or every guy will do this. Most girls, though, will dress up in a skin-revealing costume and guys usually go for funny costumes. They will either 1) Throw a Halloween-themed house parties. These are my favourite! 2) Go to a club and do whatever they do in clubs (if anyone wants, I’ll make a post on clubs, it is a different culture than those in Korea, that’s for sure!) 3) Watch a scary movie with a couple friends 4) Go to a Halloween theme park and go through some “haunted” houses! 5) Or if you’re like my mom, she stays at home and hands out candy.

Of course there will be different ways you can celebrate. Here are some things you will do or see during Halloween:

- Pumpkins… with faces on them! Just like the picture above.

- Walk down the streets and you’ll likely see houses decorated with spiderwebs, decorative skeletons, ghosts and cats and you’ll probably hear some spooky music.

- Sometimes, you’ll see a “someone” sitting on a chair. Most of the time it’s fake, but it could be someone there sitting still. If you approach the house to get some candy, “it” may pop up and scare you!

So you might be asking, what would one be for Halloween? The answer is… ANYTHING. You could be something scary like a witch or the guy from the film “Halloween”, you could be something cute or sexy like a maid or princess… you could even be a whoopie cushion, a banana, an angry bird, etc. Yes. You can be anything your heart desires! That is the magic of Halloween. A night when you can be anything you want.

Do you celebrate Halloween?


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An oldie, but a goody. 

So true. Don’t forget your punctuation! :D


An oldie, but a goody. 

So true. Don’t forget your punctuation! :D

Ordering pizza over the phone has the same concept as ordering food in a restaurant, so all I’m going to do is put an example dialogue between you and the employee over the phone. I will be using Pizza Nova as an example.

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I can’t seem to sleep so I decided I’d make a post. I got a request to talk a little about my university experience here in Canada, what I learned (academically), how to prepare for it, etc. I was born and raised here in Toronto, Canada so I cannot speak on behalf of someone coming here unfamiliar with Canadian culture, but I still hope this helps you out a little.

I’m hoping this won’t be too long, but I do have quite a bit to talk about. Click below to read more!

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"I don’t think so though."

"Though I knew she did not like me, it still hurt."

"Though" is one of those words that is used quite a lot in the English language, but incredibly hard to explain. I will try my best!

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